Enhanced Content: Preservation as the Movement of Yes

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Originally Posted March 25, 2016

In the most recent issue of the Forum Journal, authors grappled with why preservation is so often perceived as a “movement of no,” even though preservationists say “yes” to the important work of saving places every day. In creating this issue, we developed and linked to some enhanced content to further the discussions started in the Journal.

Weiming Lu: CRM Journal Interview

In his article, “The Tao of Urban Rejuvenation: Lessons from Lowertown,“ Weiming Lu talks about saying “yes” during his work redeveloping Lowertown in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This earlier interview with Lu from the 2008 CRM Journal provides further important context for and details about that work.

Main Street: The Four Point Refresh

In her piece, Hannah White walks readers through the refreshing of the National Main Street Center’s (NMSC) lauded Four Point Approach. To ensure the continued success of the Main Street model in rejuvenating older and historic business districts, the NMSC’s board of directors appointed a Four Point Refresh Task Force to oversee the renewal of the center’s signature revitalization framework. As part of that discussion, White provides readers with two documents—an outline of the changes to the Main Street approach and an accompanying primer.

Community Development and Historic Preservation

As part of a project at the Savannah College of Art and Design, students were asked to investigate why the connection between community development corporations (CDCs) and historic preservation isn’t stronger. If preservation is not currently a key strategy of CDCs, what real or perceived barriers exist? In the course of this work, the students pulled together a map of all the CDCs around the country that are currently participating in rehabilitation work on historic properties.

Not Your Grandma’s Preservation Organization

Joyce Barrett, the executive director of Heritage Ohio, believes thatpoorly trained, though well-intentioned, ‘hysterical preservationists’ have done about as much damage as wrecking balls.” Accompanying her article is a slideshow titled “Not Your Grandma’s Preservation Organization,” which may be helpful to organizations making the case to their communities that preservation is really the movement of “yes”!

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