Looking Forward by Looking Back: With Heritage So Rich

By Forum Online posted 11-03-2015 08:52

fall2015Cover_smallIn her introduction to the Fall 2015 issue of Forum Journal National Trust President Stephanie Meeks quotes Albert Rains and Laurance G. Henderson, chairman and director, respectively of the Special Committee for Historic Preservation.

"We on the committee have wanted to know what is happening in the field of historic preservation; the present trends in saving what can be saved, and the losses from destroying what deserves to be saved. We have tried to discover what we must do to rescue from certain destruction what remains of our legacy from the past, and how best to do that rescue work."

This quote was written 49 years ago in the preface of With Heritage So Rich, the 1966 volume of essays, poetry, photography, and policy recommendations which laid the foundation for the passage of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) later that year, and jumpstarted our movement in its present incarnation. This volume  was the culmination of many meetings and high-level discussions about the future of preservation, beginning in Williamsburg, Virginia, three years earlier, at a national conference cosponsored by Colonial Williamsburg and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

As the years have passed physical copies of With Heritage So Rich have been hard to find -- in fact there are only six left here at the National Trust headquarters in Washington, DC, and so Preservation Leadership Forum has digitized the text as enhanced content for the Fall 2015 Forum Journal: Looking Forward: The Next Fifty Years of Preservation.

The document is available to read online on SlideShare (maximize the slide viewer) where you can also download a large file verison of the PDF (250 MB).

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