The Future of Preservation: Submit Your Thoughts on the Next Fifty Years

By Forum Online posted 06-23-2015 16:18


 What will the future of preservation look like? Farnsworth House | Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
What will the future of preservation look like? Pictured: An exterior view of Farnsworth House | Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
Just imagine…in the midst of a rehab project, you discover an old bottle hidden under the floorboards. As you rub away the dust, a genie pops out. The genie gazes around in awe at the restoration underway. “This is really inspiring,” says the genie, “what would make it easier in the future to do more projects like this one? I’ll grant you three wishes.”

Your first wish will most likely be for money, more money. But wait. Take a moment to think about what is needed to really move preservation forward. As we mark the 50th anniversary of the National Preservation Act, we would like to hear from you, our Forum readers, about your wishes for the future of preservation. We have made lots of progress since 1966, but what do we need to think about for the next five decades?

Obviously a genie is not going to appear to make our wishes come true—it is up to us. And the time is right for new ideas, a new vision, and new strategies. So we invite you to tell us what your vision—your wish--is for an ideal preservation world. Send us your thoughts about what we should focus on for the next half century. Submit your paragraph through this survey by July 17, 2015. Please keep your submission under 100 words. Selected entries will appear in the fall issue of the Forum Journal. Selected entries will also be part of a random drawing for a free conference registration to the 2015 PastForward conference.

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