Spring 2015 Forum Journal: Why Do Old Places Matter?

By Forum Online posted 04-24-2015 12:13

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If you are reading this blog post, it is a safe bet that you care about old places. But how often do you pause to think about why you like them? You like old places because they are old, true, but you probably like them for other reasons too. In his 15-month-long series of blog posts, Tom Mayes has been writing about the reasons that we like old places, and many of you have shared your thoughtful observations online about why old places matter to you.

But it’s not just the preservation community that is making the connection that old places are good for us. Others are also thinking about the role that old places play in our lives. We asked several scholars from other disciplines to take a deeper look at several aspects of why old places matter. You will hear from Juhani Pallasmaa, the internally known architect and architectural theorist, who writes about time, place and architecture. Max Page, Professor of Architecture at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, explores how old places with difficult histories can be a point of reference for social justice. Ben Folds, the songwriter and performer, and Eric Nathan, the composer and performer, share thoughts about the way old places inspire creativity. And finally, Jeremy Wells, from Roger Williams University, reviews key social science studies relating to people and old places.

Altogether these articles will help you look at the old places that you work to preserve in a new light and give you insights into how old places fulfill human needs and make people’s lives better.

But we want you to do more than read the journal and consign it to your bookshelf, virtual or otherwise. We want you to be able to articulate why it is that old places matter so that you can build a case for the importance of preserving older and historic buildings. As such, we have also created a toolkit, or resource guide, to help preservation professionals and community leaders to share with the public—Why Old Places Matter.

After you download this issue, which is available to everyone, encourage your colleagues and members to read the articles, and if you share articles or thoughts via Twitter, please use the hashtag #savingplaces. The idea is for us all to be able to say why old places matter to people and to share those observations as widely as possible so that everyone—whether they call themselves preservationists or not—can understand why old places matter.

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Note: Tom Mayes' popular Why Do Old Places Matter? series is now available as a book Why Old Places Matter. Order the book today.

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