Research & Policy Lab Insight: Building Age By Era of Construction

By Carson Hartmann posted 05-17-2019 11:51


The staff of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Research & Policy Lab will be sharing short insights that use the lab’s data analysis and visualization capabilities to demonstrate the power and potential of preservation. We hope you’ll find these insights engaging, dynamic, and fun. 

We’ve made one of the static charts from the Atlas of ReUrbanism summary report interactive. The chart displays how much of the building stock in each city was constructed during certain time periods, illustrating the diversity and uniqueness of each city’s building stock. 

What does the breakdown of building ages in your city or hometown say about its past and present? About its problems and opportunities? What patterns do you notice? Join the conversation on Forum Connect and learn more about the Atlas of ReUrbanism. 

For more information about each of the cities listed below, check out the individual factsheets

Carson Hartmann is the research manager for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Research & Policy Lab.