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The Atlas

The Atlas of ReUrbanism is an evolving and expanding tool, allowing users to explore the built environment of American cities, block by block. Using our maps, you can interact with data on your city's built assets, and click to layer demographic, economic, and environmental data from the U.S. Census, American Community Survey, and more. The maps focus on the Character Score for buildings and blocks across 50 U.S. cities, as established in the Preservation Green Lab’s Older, Smaller, Better report. Individual building and block characteristics are also selectable and viewable.

Cities currently available interactively are indicated below by red pins. Cities to come are displayed in grey.


What is the Character Score?

The Character Score metric identifies areas of diverse, dense, and distinctive fabric. It combines with equal weight three metrics:

  • The median age of buildings
  • The diversity of building age within 200-by-200-meter square
  • The size of the buildings and parcel

The Atlas - Map