Advocacy Resource Center

Advocacy Resource Center

At any given moment, preservationists need to serve as advocates for a variety of issues. These resources—from tools to talking points—can equip preservation leaders to make a strong case both on the Hill and at home. The broad range of available resources addresses a variety of national- and local-level issues.

Advocate for Preservation

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Public Policy Webinar: Post Midterm Election Discussion

Staff of the Government Relations department at the National Trust for Historic Preservation discuss the potential implications of the mid-term elections for preservation policies. From enhancing the historic tax credit to addressing the backlog of deferred maintenance in our national parks, hear experts discuss ramifications of the elections. Hear also about state gubernatorial changes and what they might mean for future of some state historic tax credits.

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Deferred Maintenance at NPS

The National Park System tells the story of remarkable people and events in our nation’s rich history at sites across the United States. Unfortunately, inconsistent public funding has resulted in an infrastructure repair backlog estimated to be about $12 billion dollars, and many of the National Park Service’s most significant historic sites are at risk of falling into disrepair.

Lobbying for Preservation

Lobbying for Preservation (or Lobbying 101) is designed to acquaint you with the lobbying techniques, and resources available to aid in advocacy. While it focuses on the federal level, its information and recommendations can also be applied to state and local advocacy for historic preservation.

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Budget and Appropriations

Each year, the National Trust advocates with the Administration and Congress for the appropriations that fund key programs that identify, manage and protect our cultural resources. We have a particular focus on programs administered by the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management.

On the Hill: Big Wins for Preservation in Long-Awaited Final FY18 Appropriations

State Historic Tax Credits

 Thirty-four states currently offer credits against state taxes to provide incentives for the appropriate rehabilitation of historic buildings. Since many historic rehabilitation projects are viable only with the financial leverage of both the federal credit and a state credit, states that have state-level historic rehabilitation tax credits typically see a greater level of historic rehabilitation activity.

National Environmental Policy Act Regulations Under Review

The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) recently published an advance notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register, requesting public comments through August 20 about plans to update the implementing regulations of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). 

Public Lands

 The National Trust for Historic Preservation is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of cultural and historic resources on federal public lands. We are focused on ensuring that federal land management agencies recognize and achieve their stewardship responsibilities for cultural and historic resources.

Support the Antiquities Act 

Since 1906, the Antiquities Act has enabled 16 presidents from both parties to swiftly protect historic sites and culturally important lands, ranging from the Statue of Liberty, to the Grand Canyon, to sites associated with Cesar Chavez. Now it is under threat on Capitol Hill. Join us in calling on Congress to support this vitally important preservation tool.