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Summer 2012 Forum Journal: Green and Local Powers Preservation

​ Cities both large and small are embracing sustainability for a number of reasons and in a variety of different ways. The Summer 2012 issue of Forum Journal focuses on the efforts of local communities to integrate historic preservation with sustainability goals. These efforts range from ...


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Winter 2006 Forum Journal: Sustain America, Vision, Economics, Preservation

​Table of Content A Defining Moment to Re-vision the American City by Earl Blumenauer The National Park Service and Its Partners Taking Action in the Gulf Coast and Around the County by Fran P. Mainella The Power of Stories and Memories by David Mas Masumoto “Property Rights”...

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Keeping History Above Water in Annapolis

By Carlo Urmy The second Keeping History Above Water conference —held October 29 through November 1 in Annapolis, Maryland—again brought attendees from around the world together to discuss the impact of sea level rise on historic coastal communities. The first conference, organized by the ...

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Cheryl Hargrove on Cultural Heritage Tourism

Cheryl Hargrove was the first director of heritage tourism for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, serving from 1989 through 1995. As a national leader in heritage tourism, Hargrove developed key steps and principles for sustainable tourism focusing on history and culture, which...

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Summer 2007 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​Table of Content Introduction by Richard Moe Obey the Imperatives of Our Own Moment: A Call for Quality Contemporary Design in Historic Districts by de Teel Patterson Tiller “Differentiated” and “Compatible”: Four Strategies for Additions to Historic Settings by Steven W. Semes...

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Winter 2008 Forum Journal: Preservation Matters!

T able of Content President’s Report by Richard Moe Spearheading Preservation Action: My Personal Challenge by Nellie Longsworth Celebrating the City by Garrison Keillor Making the Preservation Message Resonate with Donors by Jay Steenhuysen Valuing Heritage: Re-examining...


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Fall 2008 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​ Table of Content Interstate Safety Rest Areas: Enhancing the American Travel Experience by Joanna Dowling Considering Archeology: What Site Stewards Should Know by Scott M. Grammer The Paradores of Spain: A Sojourn to Refresh the Preservation Soul by Theodore Ligibel ...

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Spring 2009 Forum Journal: Positioning Preservation in a Green World

T able of Content • Introduction by Emily Wadhams • Historic Preservation and Green Buildings: Finding Common Ground by Richard Moe • Positioning Preservation in the Center of the Green Area by Steve Tilly • The Secretary Standards and Leed: Where They Work Together and Where They...

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Untapped Potential: Reuse and Revitalization in American Cities

If older buildings contribute measurably to the success of cities, why are so few of them “protected” in the traditional sense? In cities across the country, the Preservation Green Lab has measured the number of pre–World War II buildings against the number of buildings designated as historic...

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