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Summer 2007 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​Table of Content Introduction by Richard Moe Obey the Imperatives of Our Own Moment: A Call for Quality Contemporary Design in Historic Districts by de Teel Patterson Tiller “Differentiated” and “Compatible”: Four Strategies for Additions to Historic Settings by Steven W. Semes...

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Re-Imagining the New York State Pavilion Using Virtual Reality

In 1964–65 New York City hosted the World’s Fair, an event that drew an estimated 51 million visitors to Queens’ Flushing Meadows Corona Park for a celebration of culture and technology. One of structures built for the fair, designed by world-renowned architect Philip Johnson, was the New York...

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2017 Pocantico Fellowship

GIS historic preservation training, preservation mapping, historic preservation tools and techniques 2017 Pocantico Fellowship My two-week residence at the Marcel Breuer House offered a respite from my busy professional work life in Los Angeles–a welcome change where you suddenly find yourself...

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Modern & Recent Past Heritage Booklets

TrustModern, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Modernism + Recent Past program (2008-2012) through 2009 and 2010 convened of a series of Modern Modules to increase public awareness and appreciation of our nation’s rich more recent built environment. The Modules were...

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JetModern: An On-the-Ground Survey of Who is Doing What to Save American Modern Architecture (2010)

In 2009, sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Modernism + Recent Past Program and using the 30-day "All You Can Jet" pass from JetBlue, Seth Tinkham, a self-employed grant writer and preservation planner from Alexandria, Virginia, used the airline's sell-out promotion and...


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Preserving Resources from the Recent Past

Love them or hate them, there’s no question that “modern” buildings of the post-war era (1940s to ’60s) transformed cities, towns, suburbs, and landscapes throughout the country. Now preservationists need to take a serious look at these resources—too new to be...

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Summer 2010 Forum Journal: Modernism + the Recent Past

Now that we are fully ensconced in the 21st century, the preservation movement cannot afford to alienate emerging constituencies that are passionate about saving buildings and landscapes from the recent past, whether the rallying cry is for a suburban ranch house, a post office constructed of...


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Restoration at the Glass House: Enhancing Performance, Maintaining Design Integrity

By Chelsea-Anne L. Harrington Completed in 1970, the Sculpture Gallery at The Glass House was built to display Philip Johnson’s sculpture collection, which includes works by prominent artists such as Frank Stella, Michael Heizer, and Robert Rauschenberg, to name only a few. The...

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Winter 2013 Forum Journal Modern Landscape Architecture: Presentation and Preservation

This Forum issue focuses on the critical task of preserving Modern landscape architecture, which plays an important, but often unappreciated, role in our communities. Contributors tackle the broader issues surrounding the preservation of these sites and examine two case studies—Mellon Plaza in...


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Miami Marine Stadium: Making the Case for Exceptional Significance

More and more Mid-Century Modern masterworks face uncertain futures as they “show their age.” After decades of heavy use, they may now require extensive repairs, alterations, and upgrades. Often misunderstood, public opinion regards these structures as either no longer the prominent...