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Spring 2000 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​Table of Contents: Remembering Louise Crowninshield by Kim Burdick The French Have a Word for It by Anthony Veerkamp How Preservationists Can Use Public Opinion Surveys on Sprawl by Elizabeth Pianca Urban Revitalization: When Rehab Grows Up by Lisa Burcham City Renewal is...


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Fall 2008 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​ Table of Contents Interstate Safety Rest Areas: Enhancing the American Travel Experience by Joanna Dowling Considering Archeology: What Site Stewards Should Know by Scott M. Grammer The Paradores of Spain: A Sojourn to Refresh the Preservation Soul by Theodore Ligibel ...

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The Heritage Film Set: A UK Perspective on Caring for Historic Filming Locations

By Clare Flynn Hogwarts, Winterfell, Downton Abbey, the First Jedi Temple—the images that spring to mind when one considers many of the iconic settings from recent films and television series are not of fictional or imaginary places, but rather of the real-life heritage sites that...

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Fall 2013 Forum Journal: Study Abroad: Global Perspectives

Whether they are preserving thousand-year-old terraces in China or medieval French churches, preservationists around the world face many of the same challenges. How to design compatible additions to historic buildings? Should sacred spaces be repurposed? Is commercialism of historic sites a good...


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How Creativity and Sense of Place Fuel the New Economy

New ideas require old buildings. Everybody knows who said that -- Jane Jacobs in 1961, more than 40 years ago, in The Death and Life of Great American Cities , the most important work ever written about the nature and extent and dynamics of urban life. When I met with Jane just year ago, she...

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Sustainability: The Ongoing Challenge for Historic Sites

The timing of this gathering is fortuitous; it convenes at a moment when leaders of the worldwide preservation community have a great deal to discuss. The range of pressures —we optimistically often refer to pressures as “opportunities” —the pressures that presently bear...

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Students Bring Life to a Historic Tokyo House

Tokyo preservationists often employ subtle techniques to save endangered places. When hundreds of prominent citizens appeared one day, with pads and pencils, to sketch Tokyo Station, officials got the message and eventually promised to save the 1914 landmark. Now another strategy -- a...

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A Preservation Response to Global Warming: Jumping on the Bandwagon or Leading our own Parade?

For most visitors to Amsterdam, a trip to the Stopera isn’t high on their to-do list. The omission is not entirely unwarranted, as the unlovely and unloved City Hall/Opera House was built after years of protest on a site that was once the heart of Amsterdam’s historic Jewish Quarter. Those who...

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Considering Archeology: What Site Stewards Should Know

Owning or managing a historic site is a daunting and expensive task. One must maintain the historic structure and any new infrastructure, drawing on limited funds that are also needed for staff salaries, interpretative programming, collections management, and more. But there’s something...