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Fall 2003 Forum Journal: "Is It Real?" Exploring Authenticity at Historic Sites

Table of Content * Introduction by Byrd Wood * A Place for Authenticity at Lincoln Cottage by William A. Dupont, AIA * Recent Investigations at Montpelier; Introduction by Michael Quinn; by Mark R. Wenger and Myron O. Stachiw * Exploring the Boundary: Archeological Authenticity...


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Summer 2003 Forum Journal: Regional Heritage Areas: Connecting People to Places and History

Table of Content * Introduction by Richard Moe * Heritage Areas: Connecting People to their Place and History by Jayne Daly * Evolution of the Heritage Area Movement by J. Glenn Eugster * Planning for Heritage Areas by Joseph DiBello * The Blue Ridge Heritage Initiative: Partnerships...


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Cheryl Hargrove on Cultural Heritage Tourism

Cheryl Hargrove was the first director of heritage tourism for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, serving from 1989 through 1995. As a national leader in heritage tourism, Hargrove developed key steps and principles for sustainable tourism focusing on history and culture, which...

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Fall 2007 Forum Journal Heritage Corridors: Pathways to History

Table of Content Introduction: Heritage Corridors as Pathways to History by Brenda Barrett The Great Allegheny Passage and Its Trail Towns: Connecting Recreation, Tourism, and Community Redevelopment by Linda McKenna Box Preserving Route 66: A Federal Perspective by Kaisa Barthuli...

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Spring 2008 Forum Journal: America's Historic Sites at a Crossroads

Table Of Content Introduction: The Call for a National Conversation by James Vaughan Historic House Museums: An Embarrassment of Riches? by Marian A. Godfrey Crisis or Transition? Diagnosing Success at Historic Sites by Max A. van Balgooy Funding the Fundamentals by David...

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Summer 2009 Forum Journal: Responding to the Economic Downturn

This summer's Forum Journal responds and examines some of the trends in historic preservation. Read Donovan Rypkema's 20/20 Vision into the Future, and how Statewide and Local Partners are reacting to the economy in their localities. Anita Durel looks to options for museums and historic sites,...


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It Ain't Just About Tourism Folks; Preservation Makes Money Too (March 3, 2016 | Forum Webinar)

Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF) has tweaked the model of measuring preservation's economic impacts, and its new report " Beyond Tourism " illustrates how to capture and present data that affirm the value of preservation. Thanks to a Moe Grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation...

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Heritage Tourism: Keeping It Real

I s heritage tourism always good for a community? At the 2000 National Preservation Conference in Los Angeles, John Chaney, director of Historic Seattle, shared some concerns about his city`s most popular tourist destinations. Seattle`s Pike Place Market was created at the turn of the last...

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A Public/Private Partnership Leads to Scenic Byways

The South Fulton Scenic Byway, the first official state scenic byway in Georgia, is located just 20 minutes south of Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, a city well known for sprawl; yet it runs through forests, farmland, and a quiet rural community. It’s unusual for other reasons as...

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Living With Success: Preserving Community When Tourism Thrives

Increasingly over the last few decades, historic communities across the nation have turned to tourism as the economic engine that could jump start their aging downtowns. Indeed, success as a tourist destination brings many financial, aesthetic, and cultural benefits to historic districts and the...