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A look at the various libraries available for professionals to research. Full Library List (Admin List) Full Library List Forum Library Browse the extensive library to delve into the latest blog posts and series, browse our newest webinars, or catch up on recent Forum Journal issues—or to...

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Lobbying and Political Action

A Chapter from the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy #ForumNews #Advocacy #congress #Lobbying

NTHP-Lobbying&Political Action Insert.pdf

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Making Rehab Tax Credits Work for Tax-Exempt Organizations

Can buildings owned or used by tax-exempt organizations take advantage of federal rehabilitation tax credits? Almost weekly my phone rings with a caller posing some variant of this very question. “Yes, but with some caveats,” I sometimes say. “Usually, but not always.” I...

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These Doctors Make House Calls

In Ohio if you have a "sick" building more than 50 years old, you can receive a "house call" from a "building doctor" Since 1979 the Ohio Historic Preservation Office (OHPO) has offered Building Doctor clinics that include site visits throughout the state. Created more than 15 years ago by...

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Building Code Changes Impact Historic Buildings

The framework by which all U.S. buildings are regulated for building and fire safety is undergoing great change. For years many in the building industry have trumpeted the benefits that a single set of building and safety codes would bring to the entire design and construction industry. In early...

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Preservation Trust of Vermont

When the Preservation Trust of Vermont has a problem to solve, the executive director, Paul Bruhn, is likely to organize a field trip. One day last summer found him traveling to Fair Haven, about 70 miles south of the Trust office in Burlington, to visit the Adams House, a beautiful but...

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Studying the Dollar Value of History

How many times have you heard someone say, "Historic designation will lower the value of my property"? How many times have you wished for hard evidence to support your contention that in fact the opposite is true? In 1995 the state historic preservation office of South Carolina sponsored an...

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Preservation Savvy for Real state Agents and Their Clients

Lately more real estate agents are admiring Greek Revivals, getting advice on copper work, and studying local ordinances. That’s because more preservation groups are offering programs that help real estate agents understand and market historic properties. Covering topics such as...

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Authentic Heritage Tourism

Each year, millions of visitors enjoy the scenic landscapes, productive farmland, and Pennsylvania Dutch culture of Lancaster County in southeastern Pennsylvania. Undiscovered even by many local residents are a wealth of other natural, cultural, and historical treasures which collectively paint...

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Chain Drugstores: What Is in Store for 2003

We are getting older every day and we need more pills, powders, and ointments to ease our aching joints and help us sleep at night. And we should avoid stress on our aging knees by picking up our prescriptions at a drive-through window. At least that is what the chain drugstores are counting on....