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Monument Designation Protects World-Class Cultural Resources at Bears Ears

In southeastern Utah, a pair of buttes known as Bears Ears stand out on a landscape that includes some of the most significant cultural resources in the nation. The cultural and archaeological sites in the area surrounding Bears Ears—Ice Age hunting camps, prehistoric villages, cliff...

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Threatened Treasures: Creating Lists of Endangered Sites (2001)

Ideas for bringing attention to endangered sites through a publicized list of threatened historic resources. #11Most #PreservationTools

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Announcing the 2016 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Yesterday the National Trust for Historic Preservation unveiled its 2016 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places . To mark this announcement, Preservation Leadership Forum pulled together resources that provide context, lessons learned, or additional information about...

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National Trust: We Don`t `Demonize` Wal-Mart

N ote: It caused quite a stir when the National Trust named the state of Vermont to its 2004 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, citing the onslaught of big box retail development, notably plans by Wal- Mart to build seven new superstores there. Media throughout Vermont...

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Embracing the Endangered: Making the Most of Statewide Endangered Places Lists

Located in communities across the country, endangered historic places are a source of both inspiration and woe to preservationists. Faced with deteriorating schoolhouses in rural Colorado or the disposition of an archdiocese-worth of historic religious complexes in Massachusetts, efforts to...

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Amidst a Whirlwind: Virginia's Battlefields Face a Difficult Future

Preserving battlefields (or any national park for that matter) is, in terms of intellectual process, a fairly simple matter: define where the frontier (the boundary) between the modern and the historic is to be, then decide what that frontier will look like and how it will function. For the...

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California State Parks In Crisis: A Warning for Other States

California, land of contrasts. From the towering snowcapped peaks of the mighty Sierra to the golden sands and rolling surf… When writing about California, hackneyed prose and tourist brochure clichés come all too easy. While there’s no doubt that the luster of the Golden...

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When Top Billing Means Most Threatened

Since the National Trust published its first list of "America`s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places" in 1988, statewide and local preservation organizations around the country have adapted the idea to their needs as well. While the result may be the "top ten" lists you`d least like to be on,...

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The Awesome Power of Volunteers

Using a heater to warm the epoxy, stone conservator Dean Ruedrich and a helper reassemble a statue at Congressional Cemetery during a massive volunteer effort last fall. It didn`t take long after Congressional Cemetery achieved the dubious distinction of inclusion among the National Trust`s ...

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Save the Courthouses

When historic Hill County Courthouse in Hillsboro, Texas, burned nearly to the ground on New Year`s Day 1993, it was a watershed event for Texas preservationists. Magnificent as they are, the 220-plus historic courthouses that dot the state had come to be taken for granted. When one was all but...