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Forum Webinar: Historical Storytelling Through Technology

Over the last year, Preservation Leadership Forum has been taking a deep dive into how technology impacts and supports the work of historic preservation. From mobile apps and drones to interpretative tools and virtual reality, technology is critical to documenting, interpreting, and engaging...

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Digital Tools for Sharing Historic Building Data with the Public

By Lisa Kersavage and Daniel Watts As the city of New York grew during the period after the Revolutionary War, large plots of land were sold and subdivided for the construction of brick-clad and brick-fronted houses. These Federal-style houses were built between the 1790s and 1830s, and...

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A Career of Architectural Surveys

By Richard L. Mattson If medals were awarded for sheer numbers of historic buildings surveyed, I reckon I would make the podium. It has been quite a ride, taking off in a 1967 Camaro in 1979 to inventory farmsteads in Monroe County, Illinois, and landing in the 1990s in Charlotte, North...

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Historical Storytelling Through Technology (January 16, 2018 | Forum Webinar)

In order to effectively advocate for historic sites, we have to connect visitors to those places—both in person and online. As a follow-up to the recent “Transmedia Storytelling” panel at PastForward 2017 in Chicago, this webinar will take a closer look at three specific projects that...

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Full Recordings of the PastForward 2017 TrustLives Are Now Available

This past fall attendees from across the country gathered in Chicago for PastForward 2017. During the conference, attendees were treated to three TrustLive keynote presentations that provided connective tissue between the work of preservation in Technology, Health, and the Future of Cities. ...

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A New Historic Preservation for the New Year

I once heard a developer observe, of preservationists, "For people so concerned about the past, you spend an awful lot of time talking about the future." I knew he was on to something. I used to think historic preservation was principally about protecting the past, but have come to learn that it...

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2017: A Year of Challenges, A Year of Change

Going into 2017 we know that we’ll be facing a number of challenges to saving places… We, as advocates, will have to work harder and more creatively to tell the stories of the people and places that comprise our diverse historical fabric and to ensure their protection. While I couldn’t see...

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