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Historic Preservation and Environmental Justice: A Q&A with Carlton Eley

The Forum Blog is publishing a series that responds to the question: When does historic preservation become social justice? The series explores multiple themes, including how preservationists can apply environmental justice to protect our most vulnerable communities. Two posts in the...

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Historic Preservation and Environmental Justice: A Q&A with Jeana C. Wiser

The United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement in early June ignited an international conversation about global climate change and its disproportionate effects on the world’s most marginalized and vulnerable communities. Given that the United States is responsible for almost a...

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Ellicott City One Year Later: Rising from a Flood

On the evening of July 30, 2016, the historic center of Ellicott City, Maryland, was devastated by one of the strongest floods in its 250-year history. In less than 90 minutes, a torrential storm dropped more than six inches of rain. In addition to being a humanitarian nightmare, the flood also...

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Heritage and Sustainability: The Role of Equitable Development in Preservation

By Carlton Eley Pollution can affect public health, weaken local economies, and hinder preservation within communities with environmental justice concerns. When communities are affected by wide-ranging problems, comprehensive and thoughtful solutions are needed. Thirty years ago, the United...

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America's Eroding Edges: Climate Change in Context

The edges of our country are eroding. From Alaska to Louisiana, centuries of culture, tangible history, and dynamic communities are being battered by stronger storms and sea level rise—raising difficult questions about adaptation, relocation, and what it means to be an American experiencing...

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Preservation for People: A Vision for the Future

Fifty years ago, when historic places were being lost and destroyed with virtually no consideration for their importance to communities, the drafters of the National Historic Preservation Act envisioned a future where historic places are a living part of our community life. In celebrating the...

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Reuse and Revitalization in Jacksonville: Discovering the Value of Older Buildings and Blocks

The Preservation Green Lab is always looking for opportunities to test our idea that building reuse should be a key strategy for supporting community health, equity, and resilience. Our ongoing work building the Atlas of ReUrbanism does just that by quantifying the benefits that older...

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Celebrating Jane Jacobs: How Her Advocacy Inspired Us to Measure Character

Until recently, preservationists may not have known much about urban activist Jane Jacobs or the value she placed on older buildings. But 11 years after her death, there is a renewed interest in cities that work for people, and Jacobs seems to be everywhere you look. From a new documentary, ...

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