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Podcast Series: Voices of Rosenwald Schools

About the Podcast In 1912, Booker T. Washington approached Julius Rosenwald, the President of Sears, Roebuck and Company, with an idea to build six small schools for African Americans in rural Alabama. Over the coming years, over 5,000 schools were constructed in 15 states, representing one of...

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2015 Rosenwald Schools Conference Recordings In June 2015, the National Trust for Historic Preservation held a national Rosenwald Schools conference in Durham, NC called Sharing the Past→Shaping the Future. Watch and listen to the full playlist of session recordings from experts in the field of...

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Preserving Rosenwald Schools

In 1912, Booker T. Washington approached philanthropist Julius Rosenwald about his concept to build rural schools desperately needed for African American children across the segregated south. That partnership sparked an initiative that eventually created more than 5300 schools, vocational shops...


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Saving the South’s Rosenwald Schools

On a rural road in Duplin County, N.C., Angelo Franceschina spies the telltale bank of windows in the trees off to the right. He coaxes his car into reverse, backs up, and heads up the dirt driveway. In the Mississippi Delta town of Drew, 90 volunteers pitch in to clean out the building they...

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A View from the Classroom: Supporting Rosenwald School Advocates

By: Marvin T. Jones C.S. Brown Cultural Arts Center and Museum | Marvin T. Jones At more than 10,000 square feet, our C.S. Brown Cultural Arts Center and Museum in Winton, N.C., may be the largest of the...

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Conference Tailor-Made to Support Rosenwald Schools National Treasure

Rosenwald schools are one of the National Trust’s National Treasures involving the preservation of multiple sites. And the Rosenwald Schools Initiative, which has been working for almost a decade to preserve these schools, is building on its efforts so far to reach and inspire a...