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Building the Young Preservationist Movement

When you look around at historic preservation events in your community, who do you see? Do you see a spectrum of individuals who represent the diversity of your community in terms of gender, ethnicity, profession, and age? If not, the time to work toward a more inclusive preservation movement is...

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Preserving the Sites of American Music

By Jeffrey A. “Free” Harris It took me years to realize how many music sites surrounded me while I was growing up in Hampton, Virginia. I attended my first concert at Fort Monroe—a National Historic Landmark, National Monument , and a National Treasure of the National Trust for Historic...

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Spring 2004 Forum Journal: Viewpoints: A Commitment to Diversity

Table of Contents Confronting Contentious Pasts: The Challenges of Interpreting "Controversial" Subjects at America's Historic Sites by Dwight Pitcaithley Preserving the Sites and Telling the Story of Japanese and American Internment by Amy Cole and Anne Gailliot Preserving...


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2017: A Year of Challenges, A Year of Change

Going into 2017 we know that we’ll be facing a number of challenges to saving places… We, as advocates, will have to work harder and more creatively to tell the stories of the people and places that comprise our diverse historical fabric and to ensure their protection. While I couldn’t see...

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Winter 2003 Forum Journal: Cities, Suburbs & Countryside

​ Table of Contents * Bringing the Preservation Message to Broader Audiences by Richard Moe * A Welcome to Cleveland by Mayor Jane L. Campbell * Protecting Historic Resources Through Partnerships by Fran P. Mainella * Preserving the Full Scope of America’s Past by Rodney J....


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Winter 2005 Forum Journal: Restore America: Communities at a Crossroads

​ Table of Contents President’s Report by Richard Moe Experiencing History Firsthand in our National Parks by Fran P. Mainella The Purpose of a Coherent Community by Wendell Berry Decentralization and Sprawl Development: Consequences, Causes, Solutions by Bruce Katz Tribal...


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Spring 2005 Forum Journal

​ Table of Contents * Philosophies for Cultural Landscapes and Historic Preservation by Charles A. Birnbaum * Why Is Historic Site Visitation Down? by Carolyn Brackett * Eminent Domain: A Double-Edged Sword for Historic Preservation by Adrian Scott Fine * "Green”-habbing Chicago’s...


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Winter 2006 Forum Journal: Sustain America, Vision, Economics, Preservation

​Table of Contents A Defining Moment to Re-vision the American City by Earl Blumenauer The National Park Service and Its Partners Taking Action in the Gulf Coast and Around the County by Fran P. Mainella The Power of Stories and Memories by David Mas Masumoto “Property Rights”...

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The Benefits of Recruiting Diversity Program Interns in Historic Preservation Organizations

by Rebecca Yates The preservation field continues to grapple with engaging underrepresented communities to tell richer and more inclusive American stories—and with reflecting this diversity in preservation practice. This was underscored in the 2016 Forum Journal issue, “ The Full Spectrum of...

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