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Building the Young Preservationist Movement

When you look around at historic preservation events in your community, who do you see? Do you see a spectrum of individuals who represent the diversity of your community in terms of gender, ethnicity, profession, and age? If not, the time to work toward a more inclusive preservation movement is...

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Fall 2001 Forum Journal: U.S. Mayors Celebrate Preservation

​ Table of Contents Introduction by Richard Moe (Introduction: U.S. Mayors Celebrate Preservation) Preserving Providence’s Past to Create the City of the Future by Vincent A. Cianci, Jr. Cleveland: Our “Comeback” City Will Surprise You by Michael R. White Denver: Preserving the...


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A New Historic Preservation for the New Year

I once heard a developer observe, of preservationists, "For people so concerned about the past, you spend an awful lot of time talking about the future." I knew he was on to something. I used to think historic preservation was principally about protecting the past, but have come to learn that it...

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Winter 2008 Forum Journal: Preservation Matters!

T able of Contents President’s Report by Richard Moe Spearheading Preservation Action: My Personal Challenge by Nellie Longsworth Celebrating the City by Garrison Keillor Making the Preservation Message Resonate with Donors by Jay Steenhuysen Valuing Heritage: Re-examining...


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PastForward Reading List: Connections

We are continuing our annual reading lists leading up to PastForward 2017. As always, they present curated videos, articles, and projects that we hope will spark discussions in Chicago come November 14–17. Register for the conference today! Through the Connections theme we will continue...

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Welcoming a New Generation of Preservationists

By Andy Grabel and Diana Tisue From attending dynamic events at historic house museums to staying at character-rich hotels to dining at unique restaurants, millennials seek diverse, authentic experiences in old and historic places. And whether leading the fight to save threatened old...

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Presenting “Preservation for People: A Vision for the Future”

Last year, the National Trust for Historic Preservation joined preservation colleagues all across the nation in celebrating 50 years of achievement under the National Historic Preservation Act—the critical 1966 law that still shapes our work today. We also took the opportunity of this golden...

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Preservation for People: A Vision for the Future

Fifty years ago, when historic places were being lost and destroyed with virtually no consideration for their importance to communities, the drafters of the National Historic Preservation Act envisioned a future where historic places are a living part of our community life. In celebrating the...

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