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Spring 2000 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​Table of Contents: Remembering Louise Crowninshield by Kim Burdick The French Have a Word for It by Anthony Veerkamp How Preservationists Can Use Public Opinion Surveys on Sprawl by Elizabeth Pianca Urban Revitalization: When Rehab Grows Up by Lisa Burcham City Renewal is...


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Historic Tax Credit Legislative Update: June 2017

Tax Reform Update While all eyes in Washington are on a possible Senate vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in July, tax reform is being crafted largely behind the scenes. White House economic advisor Gary Cohn recently commented that the “gang of six”—Cohn, Treasury...

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Wisconsin Historic Tax Credit Reports

This April 2017 report analyzed 118 Wisconsin historic tax credit projects that occurred between 2014 and 2016. These projects received contracts for more than $171,095,000 of Wisconsin historic tax credits. Based upon the information provided, Baker Tilly analyzed for 118 Wisconsin historic tax...

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Answering the Hard Questions from Capitol Hill about the Future of the Historic Tax Credit

By John Leith-Tetrault The 2017 Preservation Advocacy Week, which took place March 14–16, resulted in a significant increase in cosponsors for the Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act (HTCIA). As of April 11, the bill has 10 Senate and 47 House supporters. That’s worth celebrating! ...

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Forum Webinar: Addressing the Threat to the Federal Historic Tax Credit and Setting the Preservation Policy Agenda for the 115th Congress

On Thursday, January 19, as part of Preservation Leadership Forum’s webinar series, the National Trust’s president and CEO, Stephanie K. Meeks, and policy staff hosted a webinar addressing the threat to the federal historic tax credit (HTC) . The U.S. Capitol Building - view of...

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The Economic Impact of Louisiana’s Historic Tax Credit Program

In 2011, economist Timothy Ryan evaluated the state’s historic tax credit program and found that between 2002-2011, the Louisiana program has made 117 historic renovations possible. Those 117 projects leveraged $651.13 million in new investment in rehabilitating historic properties, most...

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A Report on Rehabilitation in Texas: Making the Case for Historic Tax Credits

The National Trust is pleased to announce the release of our latest report, Federal Historic Tax Credit in Texas: Creating Jobs, Building Communities, Preserving Heritage , which describes federal historic tax credits as an essential tool that helps communities attract private capital and...

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Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act

Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act of 2017 (H.R. 1158/S. 425) SECTION-BY-SECTION SUMMARY SUMMARY The Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act (H.R.1158/S. 425) makes long overdue changes to the Historic Tax Credit (IRC § 47) to further encourage building...

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Historic Tax Credit Media Toolkit

A resource for sharing stories of historic tax credit project successes and advocating for continuation of state and federal credits. #PreservationTools #FederalHistoricTaxCredit #Advocacy #taxincentives #historictaxcredit ​​


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The Economic Benefits of State Historic Preservation Investment Tax Credit 2007

Hawaii does not have a state historic preservation tax credit, but the Historic Hawaii Foundation commissioned Wendy Wichman, to prepare this 15-page study of state preservation investment tax credits nationwide as the Hawaii State Legislature considered creation of a state historic preservation...