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Spring 2006 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​ Table of Content The Preservation and Restoration of Conscience by Ruth J. Abram Sustainability: The Ongoing Challenge for Historic Sites by Colin G. Campbell Advocacy for Heritage Sites by Fiona Reynolds Visionaries vs. Pragmatists: The Debate Over How to Interpret 20th-Century Icons by...


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Resource Documents: Dakota Access Pipeline Webinar

This is a packet of resource documents to accompany the Forum Webinar "The Legal Landscape of the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vs. U.S. Army Corps on Engineers " on Oct. 25, 2016. #TraditionalCulturalProperties #Diversity #Legal #PublicLands #SacredSites ...

Resource Documents Dakota Access Pipeline Webinar.pdf

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Preserving Historic Religious Properties

In 2005, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Partners for Sacred Places joined forces to collect models for reusing houses of worship no longer in religious use. As communities take proactive steps to encourage and protect sacred places, these case studies are intended to help...


Land Use

General term used to describe how land is or may be utilized or developed, whether for industrial, commercial, residential or agricultural purposes, or as open space. Source: Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws...

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Fall 2013 Forum Journal: Study Abroad: Global Perspectives

Whether they are preserving thousand-year-old terraces in China or medieval French churches, preservationists around the world face many of the same challenges. How to design compatible additions to historic buildings? Should sacred spaces be repurposed? Is commercialism of historic sites a good...


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The Public Value of Sacred Places

Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Mobile, Alabams, is a handsome, 1874-vintage, red brick building located not far from the city`s civic center. No blazing sign on its lawn indicates that anything very remarkable happens here. But visit the church any day of the week and you will find a hive of...

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Education and Outreach by the Michigan Historic Preservation Network

Historic preservation in Michigan can be quite a challenge. There is something about the “new car” mentality of the automobile capital of the world that seems to work against preservation. In spite of this obstacle, a quiet revolution has been going on in the state for decades, one...

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Touro Synagogue: A National Trust Historic Site

Historic houses of worship are rarely set aside as historic sites. While churches, synagogues, and mosques may be open to visitors, when needed for religious observance they go back to what they were meant to be: a place for people to worship together. The National Trust is delighted to add a...

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A Preservation Vision: To Serve the Common Good

I want to speak to you todayabout the role of historicpreservation in creating betterplaces to live for peopleof all income levels and races. Ibelieve that at the heart of thisrole is the need for vision. Youare here at this conference asleaders and people of vision.Every form of positive...

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Issue-Based Preservation: The Prairie Churches of North Dakota Project

At the outset, it seemed implausible. Could an all-volunteer preservation group with little money, no staff, and few active board members successfully take on a huge preservation issue involving hundreds of structures and powerful socioeconomic forces? Not likely. Or maybe it was a case of...