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Angelo Baca: Bears Ears and Working with Native Communities to Preserve Public Lands

In his proclamation establishing the Bears Ears National Monument , President Barack Obama included this moment of poetry: “From earth to sky, the region is unsurpassed in wonders. The star-filled nights and natural quiet of the Bears Ears area transport visitors to an earlier eon. Against an...

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On the Hill: President’s Budget Seeks Preservation Cuts. Again.

Last week President Trump sent his FY19 budget proposal to Congress. The annual ritual, replete with press photos of shrink-wrapped budget tomes and countless charts, marks the start of the formal FY19 appropriations process. Much like last year , historic preservation priorities face...

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Sign On Letter: Shash Jáa National Monument and Indian Creek National Monument Act (H.R. 4532) (February 13, 2018)

On February 13, the National Trust sent a letter to the House Natural Resources Committee opposing legislation that would remove more than 1.1 million acres from the Bears Ears National Monument, including some of the most significant and highly visited archaeological areas. The Shash Jáa...

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National Trust Testimony on Shash Jáa National Monument and Indian Creek National Monument Act (January 9, 2018)

The National Trust for Historic Preservation provided testimony on legislation to revoke the Bears Ears National Monument designation and replace it with two small monuments covering just 15 percent of the cultural landscape protected by the original monument. Vice President for Government...

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A Preservationist’s Perspective on the Land Trust Rally

Preservation and land trust professionals share a common goal: saving places that matter to our communities. We understand the value and importance of not only identifying and protecting important resources but also using these resources in meaningful and sustainable ways. We share a critical...

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On the Hill: Bill to Overhaul the Antiquities Act Moves Forward in the House, Tax Reform Update

Update (12/20/2017): After more than five years of consistent advocacy, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, together with our partners at the National Trust Community Investment Corporation and the Historic Tax Credit Coalition, is pleased to report that the 20 percent historic tax...

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National Marine Sanctuaries: Protecting History Underwater

In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed the National Marine Sanctuaries Act , which authorized the Secretary of Commerce to designate and protect areas of the marine environment that possess special national significance. This federal law was the first to specifically call for the protection of...

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National Trust Statement on the National Monument Creation and Protection Act (H.R. 3990) (October 11, 2017)

On October 11, the Natural Resources Committee in the House of Representative is meeting to consider legislation to overhaul the Antiquities Act—our nation’s first preservation law dedicated to protecting historic, prehistoric, and scientific features on our public lands. H.R. 3990, introduced...

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The Ghost of Kit Carson: Women’s History Along the Santa Fe Trail

By Bonnie J. Clark The Forum Blog is publishing a series about women's history and historic preservation. This post is the first case study in the series. Interested in discussing this post with other readers? Sign up for Forum Connect . When you imagine the Santa Fe Trail , what do you...

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