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Forum Webinar: Building Connections Using Social Photography + Video

During the latest Forum Webinar, presenters discussed the importance of using social photography and video to build connections and audience. Listen to a recording of the webinar to hear Sarah Heffern, Kirsten Hower, and Raina Regan from the National Trust for Historic Preservation—as well as...

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Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for Owners of Historic Properties

​Comprehensive pre- and post-hurricane checklists prepared by Historic Charleston Foundation. While some of the contact information is specific to Charleston, the action steps listed in this guide can be applied elsewhere. #PreservationTools #Charleston #DisasterRelief #DisasterResponse


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An Evolving Approach to Social Media: Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Outreach

The Forum Blog has been publishing a series about social media in preservation that addresses community management, storytelling, advocacy, and more. Have questions? Reach out on Forum Connect ! Also, keep an eye out for our sessions at PastForward 2017 ! As the posts in this...

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