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A look at the various libraries available for professionals to research. Full Library List (Admin List) Full Library List Watch a TrustLive Marquee presentations at the annual PastForward Conference, including a talk by thought leaders and new voices followed by a TalkBack segment with...

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Lobbying and Political Action

A Chapter from the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy #ForumNews #Advocacy #congress #Lobbying

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The Survey Results Are In! Feedback from Forum Members

In our staff meetings at the National Trust’s Center for Preservation Leadership we debated the pros and cons, but in the end we took the leap and conducted the first-ever online survey of our Forum members. And we are delighted to report that almost 10 percent of you took the time to respond....

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Resident Curators: Private Stewards of Publicly Owned Historic Houses

It’s a problem all too familiar to state parks administrators. The parkland purchased or donated to allow the public to enjoy the outdoors happens to have a building on it—a building that’s too rundown to rent out or use, too costly to repair, and too historic to demolish....

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State Tax Credits Help Finance Difficult Rehabs

One of the most important new preservation financing tools to emerge in the 1990s was the state historic rehabilitation tax credit. Effective advocacy by state and local preservation groups over the last decade has produced a steady stream of new laws and successful efforts to improve existing...

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Community-Owned Stores:New Anchors for Older Main Streets

Six years ago, Powell, Wyo. (population: 5,373), lost its only department store when Stage, a regional chain, decided to shutter a portion of its outlets. Residents suddenly faced a 50-mile round trip to the big-box stores in Cody or a 200-mile round trip to the mall in Billings, Mont., to buy...

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Model Policies for Preserving Historic Schools

This article is based on Constance Beaumont’s State Policies and School Facilities and the publication Recommended Policies for Public School Facilities , researched and drafted by Ms. Stevenson and Sydney Becker, state and local policy program assistant in the Department of Public...

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National Trust: We Don`t `Demonize` Wal-Mart

N ote: It caused quite a stir when the National Trust named the state of Vermont to its 2004 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, citing the onslaught of big box retail development, notably plans by Wal- Mart to build seven new superstores there. Media throughout Vermont...

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Low-Cost Local Incentives for Historic Preservation

In today’s economic climate, state and locally funded programs for historic preservation are in serious jeopardy. During this legislative season alone, we have seen the slashing of state Main Street programs, reductions in staff positions and funding for state and city preservation offices...

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Creating Opportunity from Abandonment: The National Vacant Properties Campaign

The American landscape is dotted with hopes and dreams -- homes that provide security for countless families, Main Streets lined with opportunity, schools and parks that knit our communities together. As surely as these bricks and beams fulfill our aspirations, the abandonment of houses,...