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Preparing the Cooper-Molera Barns for Adaptive Reuse

By Naomi Miroglio The Cooper-Molera barns are part of the Cooper-Molera Adobe complex located in downtown Monterey, California. This historic complex was developed by multiple owners, beginning with John Rogers Cooper and his wife, Encarnacion Vallejo Cooper, in the 1830s. Today it has nine...

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Winter 2006 Forum Journal: Sustain America, Vision, Economics, Preservation

​Table of Content A Defining Moment to Re-vision the American City by Earl Blumenauer The National Park Service and Its Partners Taking Action in the Gulf Coast and Around the County by Fran P. Mainella The Power of Stories and Memories by David Mas Masumoto “Property Rights”...

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Mexico City Is on Its Feet: Reflections on Earthquake Recovery

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s ReUrbanism work positions preservation in the larger context of human needs. But society’s ability to meet our most basic needs can be undercut by disasters. We all understand the direct threats that natural disasters pose to our cultural heritage...

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Keeping History Above Water in Annapolis

By Carlo Urmy The second Keeping History Above Water conference —held October 29 through November 1 in Annapolis, Maryland—again brought attendees from around the world together to discuss the impact of sea level rise on historic coastal communities. The first conference, organized by the ...

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Fire Safety and Historic Buildings (2008)

​ Do you know the top causes of fire in historic buildings? The three key steps for preventing them? The new detection and suppression technologies you can put to use right now? Fire Safety and Historic Buildings, a 2008 Preservation Book, shows owners and stewards of historic buildings how to...

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Ellicott City One Year Later: Rising from a Flood

On the evening of July 30, 2016, the historic center of Ellicott City, Maryland, was devastated by one of the strongest floods in its 250-year history. In less than 90 minutes, a torrential storm dropped more than six inches of rain. In addition to being a humanitarian nightmare, the flood also...

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Treatment of Flood-Damaged Older and Historic Buildings

Useful manual to help building owners reduce structural and cosmetic flood damage to older and historic buildings. 2005 version. #DisasterResponse #Flood #PreservationTools

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Disaster Relief

FEMA Mitigation Assessment Team Reports and Recommendations 2016 Fall Flooding in Iowa 2012 Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York 2012 Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana 2005 Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast Focus on Recovery Following Climate and Weather-related Disasters ...

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Protecting Our Historic Places in Uncertain Times

Is your historic property prepared for a disaster? Probably not. That was the conclusion by many who attended the two national conferences on “Balancing Public Safety and Protection of Historic Places” offered in 2002 by the Federal Preservation Institute, a program of the National Park...

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California Wildfires Show Need for Cultural Resource Surveys

Standing in the ashes of the Dyer House at Cuyamaca State Historic Park this time four years ago, I could not believe any fire could be as terrible as the 2003 Cedar Fire. Not only was the Dyer House completely gutted except for its stone walls, it was not listed in the California Register of...