Forum Connect

Forum Connect

Coming 2017

We all know a huge community of preservation professionals exists, brimming with advice, experience, unique skills and valuable connections, but there has never been a way to consistently tap into this knowledge base—until now.

Forum Connect, a new online networking platform from Preservation Leadership Forum, will allow preservation professionals from across the country to interact with one another at any place and any time.

By simply signing up with an email address, users will get their own Forum Connect profile and be able to:

  • Connect and communicate directly with other preservation professionals.
  • Access user-generated document libraries.
  • Network via a comprehensive user directory.
  • Share files and post questions online.
  • Grow the preservation community and drive the movement.

Forum Connect will be a private and secure community forum where users will have the flexibility to receive discussions and post directly to their email inbox, controlling what they see and how often. There has never been a better way to network.

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