Moe Fund

The Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund: Grant Guidelines

The Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund encourages state and local preservation organizations to envision and test creative, “break-through” ideas and strategies. The fund encourages members of the National Trust’s Partners Network to undertake new initiatives that have a demonstrable impact on their work or their community.  Partners are encouraged to embark on projects and activities outside the existing scope of their work, but the fund will also support initiatives that take existing programs to a new level. Priority will be given to impactful and replicable projects and special consideration will be given to initiatives that focus on public policy and advocacy work. Priority will also be given to applications that have the potential to leverage additional financial support for the proposed project, and to projects that encourage collaboration and innovative partnerships. Projects may stand alone or be part of a larger initiative.

A maximum of $57,000 will be awarded in 2015 with a limit of $10,000 per grant award.

A 1:1 match is required from new or upgraded gifts donated specifically for this project. The review process will be completed within eight weeks of the application deadline, and applicants will be notified by e-mail when the review process is complete. Applications are due August 1, 2016.

Eligible Applicants

Members of the National Trust’s Partners Network are eligible to apply for grants from the Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund. Applicants that have received previous or current National Trust financial assistance are eligible provided that all grant requirements are currently being met. Only one grant will be awarded per organization in any grant round, and only one grant from this fund will be awarded to an organization within a two year period.

Grant Conditions

  • Applicants must be capable of matching the grant amount dollar-for-dollar, as noted above. A cash match is required and can come from new or upgraded private or public sources contributed especially for this project. It can also come from income earned from registration fees or fundraising activities specifically for this project.
  • Donated materials and services, staff salaries and organizational overhead costs are not eligible sources of a match. Other funding from the National Trust may not be used to match the grant.
  • Grants or matching funds cannot be used directly or indirectly to influence a member of Congress to favor or oppose any legislation or appropriation.
  • Any documents or plans for preservation work that result from the project must conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.
  • At least three (3) competitive bids/quotes must be obtained for any procurement of services that exceed $50,000. This provision applies only to portions of the project supported by NTHP grant funds.
  • Grant recipients must include appropriate acknowledgement of National Trust financial support in all printed materials generated for the project.

Selection Criteria

The selection committee will select grant recipients by considering, among other points, the following criteria:

  • Creativity and innovation above and beyond the organization’s existing programs, or the extent to which an existing program is being taken to a new level
  • Extent to which the project or activity is “breaking new ground,” including innovations to already existing programs
  • The proposed project’s link to the organization’s long-term goals and objectives
  • Evidence that the activity or project would probably not be undertaken without this seed money
  • The projected outcome of the project and the potential for catalytic effect
  • Potential for demonstrable short-term and long-term impact
  • Replicability and transferability, i.e., potential for the project or activity to be a model for other Partner organizations
  • The project’s budget and the applicant’s proven ability to secure a match
  • Potential to leverage additional funds for the project
  • Realistic timeline for the project
  • Qualifications of the key personnel, including consultants
  • Demonstrated ability of the applicant to complete preservation projects

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses that can be funded through this grant include but are not limited to:

  • Consultant fees and travel expenses
  • Speaker or writer fees and expenses
  • Research costs
  • Professional development and training
  • Contracted professional expertise and services
  • Computer software and programs
  • Costs associated with community workshops, seminars, and forums
  • Public relations and/or media campaign expenses
  • Material and services, such as printing, photographs, and supplies (with the exception of publication projects, these costs must not to exceed 10 percent of the project budget)

Ineligible Expenses

Ineligible expenses include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Staff salaries
  • Other organizational overhead
  • Catering, food, beverage, and entertainment
  • Brick and mortar construction expenses
  • Computer hardware
  • Website design and development
  • Acquisition of real property or objects
  • Historic resource surveys to create inventories or list resources in the National Register
  • Expenses incurred prior to the grant award date

How to Apply

Complete an application for the Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund here. (Please note: you will be taken to our grants application system where you will create a user profile for your organization. This is a separate login than your National Trust login.) If you have questions please email us at

The application access code is “Moe Fund